Sunday, July 5, 2009

A Giveaway!
We are so happy that we've reached 20,000 visits so we are hosting a giveaway! Our twenty for twenty giveaway will give you a chance to receive a $20.00 gift card from Sears (gift card for Canadians only. Contestants outside of Canada will receive $20.00 cash in their Paypal or Alert Pay accounts). We want to thank you just for being apart of our 20,000 visits!

To enter our draw, simply blog about our twenty for twenty giveaway, and leave me a comment letting me know you've entered. You can use this html code to put a button link on your blog:

And it's that easy! Anyone can enter. The deadline for all entries is one week from today: Sunday, July 12th, 2009. Stop by my blog on that day to see if you are the lucky winner. Good luck friends!



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GiNG said...

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sangeeth said...

hi,this is a very good blog with great info.have told about it to my friends already,so don't be surprised if your 20,000 goes up to 30,000 in no blog:

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i do hope i win this one.20$would be big for this poor family of mine.

your blog rocks.continue the good work.looking forward for more contests

aussiegold said...

What a cool idea to boost your traffic, and especially get people coming back. I love it!

Gotta work on something I can do for my blog. Thanks for the inspiration.


sadermaxx said...

Hi just entered the contest and loved your pet wigs so much I added them to my blog too! My blog is

Lucy Marie said...

I would love to enter. I posted about the giveaway.

Emily B said...

I blogged it!

I could certainly use a Sears card! They have just about everything.

pnhrms said...

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tututina said...

Thanks guys for all your sweet comments and for entering the contest! Be sure to stop by on Sunday to see the results!

yojunlimited said...

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yojunlimited said...

Sorry i forgot, i posted about your Twenty for Twenty here :

Terri said...

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I have really found a whole lot of information on your site and also some really cool ideas! Thanks so much for sharing them!

Take Care,
Single Mommy

themiraflors said...

Hi I posted your logo on the twenty for twenty. please check verify. thanks. I like your wife likes it as well.

themiraflors said...

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Leyzabelle said...

Hi Tututina, this is my blog entry:
under blogs page

Hope you'll visit it. (It's best viewed using Firefox though)

My Paypal account is

"I started joining paid to click sites just yesterday. Well, while doing the surfing, I found this blog:

The owner of this site is giving away $20 worth of Sears gift card to Canadian residents or $20 via Paypal to non-Canadians. This is somehow a thank you promo to the 20000 people who visit their site - and I'm one of them!

The blogger usually blogs about how to blog, how to have free nice blog backgrounds, how to embed and where to get amzing counters for your blogs, how to layout your blog, and other stuffs related to food, blings, etc.

To the blogger, Tututina, at first I was hesitant to blog about your promotion because I'm scared of scam sites. Sorry because this is my first time joining/doing these stuffs! As you can see, I just focused on these stuffs just yesterday. But then I still tried, hoping that I'll win! hehe... I hope that you will be the first person who will pay me via paypal and prove to me and to everyone out there who's scared that there are still "legit" blog sites who pays.. hehe! Kinda nervous here! LOL.. [:D]

Anyway, hope I'll win!!! Good luck to you and more power to your site..!


pankaj99 said...

hey i am really amazed that u will pay 20$
i think it would be scam
if u pay me 20$ and in return u would first ask me to pay something in advance.

tututina said...

Thanks for all your entries! The contest is now closed. Check out the newest post for the winner!