Tuesday, July 28, 2009

How to Make Your Own Signature
Here's something so easy that everyone can do! If you noticed, I've put my own custom signature on the bottom of each of my posts and it looks like this: !!! What a great way to make your blog more personal! It's so easy to do, and I want to share it with you! The first step, as always, is to create the image you'd like. Keep in mind it shouldn't be overly huge. Mine is 81 x 32 pixels (Hey, if you're not sure about sizes, here's a neat trick for you. Find a size of an image you like on someone else's blog. Right-click their picture, click on properties. The properties will tell you the dimensions of their picture!) Then, as always, you need to upload your picture on an image-hosting webspace, and copy your picture URL. Finally, in blogger, go under Settings, then Formatting, then scroll down to the bottom of the page and in the Post Template Box, copy and paste this code inside it:

Simply change SIGNATURELOCATION to your signature url! If you want your signature on the left side, keep the align="left". If you want it on the right side, type align="right". Click save and you'll have your own custom signature on every post!


Chin chin said...

Hi. Thank you. I've been really wondering how to make those blog post signatures. I'll make mine when I find the time ASAP. Have a nice day.

emerzet615 said...

..i still dont understand how to make an a autograph..please make another post about it..thanks..but its surely nice info..

tututina said...

Hi Emerzet,
Which part are you having trouble understanding? To make your signature, you need an image file (jpg work great) and it needs to be hosted somewhere on the internet. That means, it needs to have a URL that has the format of http://www.somewebsitehere.com/images/thepictureurl.jpg. Once you've created it, all you have to do paste the html I have provided in the POST TEMPLATE box (click Settings tab, then Formatting tab, and scroll down). It really is that easy!

redamethyst said...

thanks for that tip. I already added it on my settings. next post would have my signature already. thanks.