Friday, July 31, 2009

The Blog Fairy Visits VivaPinay
VivaPinay wished she had a custom header, so The Blog Fairy granted her wish! Below you'll find two custom made headers just for you! But wait, there's more. I've also made you a matching button. And there's also a template (blank) one for anyone who wants to use it.

Your headers
Click on the thumbnails to view full picture size

Your button
(and blank one for everyone)

How to Put a Custom Header on your Blog
Adding your own header is so easy with blogger! All you have to do is under Layout, click on Page Elements, and your header goes in the first bar directly under Navbar. Click on Edit. Next, you have two options:
1. Choose an image that is already saved on your computer (you can right-click the headers and save them).
2. Use the html provided and enter it where it says "From the Web" for your image. I recommend this option since re-saving tends to lose the picture quality.
Finally, click the "Instead of title and description" button for your image placement and click Save! You'll have a great looking header to match your great looking blogs!


vivapinay said...

Hello Blog Fairy, thanks so much for the lovely header. I already posted in my blog!

rusakparah said...

Heyllow.. nice to see a beautifull blog here.. you have your own blog style, very Younique. ^_^... happy blogging

vivapinay said...

^ thanks a lot!