Thursday, July 30, 2009

Starry Sea Post Divider
Hello bloggers! I must say, I am deeply honored to read all your nice comments and blog posts about me! I have read each one and have personally visited all your blogs...keep up the great work! Many of you are really using the secrets you found here and are becoming blogging pros :) . I'd like to extend an open invitation for your feedback...Is there anything you'd like me to write about? Are you itching to know how to do something? I'll try my best to answer all your questions and post the stuff you want! Oh, and don't forget to check out the Blog Fairy, too! The Blog Fairy is already granting three special people their wishes...YOU can be one of them as well!

In the next few days I will be making TONS of more blogging stuff that will be absolutely free for you to use. For now, here's a lovely Starry Sea Post Divider to add to your blogs! If you forget how to put them on your blog, follow the instructions here. Oh and one more thing. Here's a tip that goes a long way. If you post a lot of pictures on your blog, consider having a background that has a white middle...that way, you won't get edges around your photos and the white backgrounds most pictures have will blend in. Happy blogging!


Life must be lived as play said...

hello.. i found ur site cool, and i already enter ur contest in my other blog..

just i was late to join ur twenty contest :)

i will always visit ur site for more stuff to come..

schlei said...

I hope you don't mind, but I recolored your divider and used it in my blog.

tututina said...

It looks great! In fact, I will post it for others to use as well if you don't mind!

alfrhnsby said...

Ok....Thanks good