Friday, August 14, 2009

Five Dollar Friday Giveaway: August 14
It has been a busy week around here but alas, it is Friday and time to do the draw! I just wanted to personally thank everyone for all your nice posts about me! I just love seeing how you have used the tips you found here to make your blogs so pretty (if you have, leave me a comment- I'd love to see it)!

Alright now for the fun stuff...The results are in and this week's winner is Webby Contest. Congratulations to you! For everyone else, you still have 2 more chances to win for August. Good luck, I'm rooting for ya!

On one last note, there are many good tips that I have been working on, including one of the most secret of secret tips that I hope to post this week. I will leave you in suspense about what it is...but be sure to head on back this week...It's a very good one!

Have a great weekend, everyone!



Congratulations Webby !!

Dear Tina !! what is that secret you are going to uncover??? We are eager!!

vivapinay said...

Hello Blog Fairy, i am excited to see whats the next surprise!

Congratulations to Webby!

i LűV ContEsts aNd MoRe!! said...

Congrats Mommy Cielo of Webby Contest for winning the Five Dollar Friday Giveaways!! ^_^

Eager for more surprises!!!

Webby Contest said...

wow....i won, i won thank you very much and more power to this blog and to our dear blogger...keep on blogging ang inspiring others and ofcourse bringing smile to others...i've got a big smile right now hehehe....

i will blog about this later.....

its me,
cielo of and webbycontest