Friday, August 7, 2009

How to Delete Blogger's Nav Bar
Here's one of the easiest things that you can do to make your blogs look more professional! We have all seen blogger's Nav Bar at the top of our blogs. In case you aren't too sure what that is, refresh yourself by looking at one here:

There are some advantages for having a Nav Bar on your blog. You can search for other blogs, and you can sign into your blog to edit it. But, for the most part, the colours don't match your blogs and it can be an eyesore! Getting rid of it is so simple! Just go to Layout, then Edit Html. Near the top of your html, between "Blogger Template Style" and "Variable Definitions", paste this code:

Click Save and it will disappear! Check out the visual for more help (click on the thumbnail to see large version).

Oh, and don't forget you'll have to sign into blogger the old fashioned way after you delete your Nav Bar. Just go to Enjoy!


Marice said...

thanks again sissy for sharing this! :) got mine updated!


vivapinay said...

Wow another blogging tips from the Blog Fairy..

Great help!! More tips and tricks please..

How about adding pages in my blog? Possible?

Thanks again!

rjs mama said...

thanks for this new tip. what should i do if i just want to delete the "flag blog" button?

jan erik said...

thanks. what about changing the color of anchor text from its default blue color to any color I like and eradicating the underline, could it be possible? Below is one of my blogs please take a look at it to see what i'm talking about.

tututina said...

Hello everyone! To respond to you all:

Marice- You're welcome!Your blog is looking FANTASTIC!

Vivapinay- I will definately be blogging about how to add pages in your blog. It's a 2 step process...soon!

Rjs mama-I am assuming blogger's nav bar has all the buttons already on it and therefore it cannot be changed..the easiest way to get rid of "flag blog" is just to delete the navbar.

jan erik-to change the colour of any of your text, go to layout, then fonts and colours (beside the page element tab). Here, you can customize all your text colours, link colours, sidebar colours, etc. And it even shows you a live preview!

To remove underlines from some of your hyperlinks, find this html in your EDIT HTML (under layout tab)

a:link {
a:visited {
a:hover {

Simply change underline to the words none. Then, no hyperlinks will be underlined in your blog :)

firemom31 said...

I love your site! Thanks for sharing all of this great stuff.

jerby said...

Hello tina! Thanks for sharing. I already applied your tip to my blog. It is cooL.

More power!


Char said...

I love this blog. I really need a lot of the tips and you answer many questions for me. Thanks again.

jan erik said...

I did it many times but it don't work. Thanks anyway.

Btw, how much u'r earning in trekpay if u don't mind? Thanks again.


Thanks it's very nice blog

Suceed for your so far

akuribena said...

wow great great... definitely helped other blogger esp. me

Pookie said...

i was wondering how long you had your blog on Trek pay and has google gave you any kind of warnings.Im thinking about putting my blog on here with adsense

MsFit said...

whoohoo! It worked,
it was so simple.
thanks for sharing that tip with us.
It made a huge difference in my blog (:

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Char said...

Okay I just did this and it worked. I now feel empowered like I actually know how to do something computer savvy. LOL