Saturday, September 12, 2009

A Letter

Dear Friends,
Today I'd like to get to know you a bit more! Over the past few months many of you have commented or emailed me and I've come to know you by name. I read every comment and try my best to respond as soon as possible (blog fairy requests are running a bit slow...they will be coming soon!). But there's still lots of you who follow my blog or visit my spot in blogland and I know nothing about you! So here's an open invitation from me to you. Leave me a comment. Tell me something about yourself. Include your blog or your webpage so I can visit (and I do visit each one!) and see the wonderful things you've done! I really would love to hear from each one of you! So, don't be shy. Let's flood the comments section!


hasruL said...

okey.... Mari kita terus ngeblog...

bambie said...

hi there tina! this comment is a long time coming. i'm bambie and i have a blog which i spiced up with one of the backgrounds you shared. :) i'm also checking back on your blog everyday for additional tips i can apply to my blog. thank you so much! my blog is here: oh, btw, i plan to write a review about your blog soon.

redamethyst said...

Hi tina,
I am known as redamethyst online. I have joined one of your contest, but I didn't win. Its ok. I used the background of a site you mentioned here. I also tried your three column tips.
actually, I am wishing my own button to blog fairy, for I can't do it because I don't have a photo editor software.
I my sites are: - this is one month old blog
and - less than a month blog.
hope you visit my site.
thank you.

redamethyst said...

hi tina,

I really appreciate that you've drop by at my page already. more power! do take care

leheart-ptc said...

Hi Tina!

I'm Leyzabelle. :)

My pages are (hehe, I'm not really a super blogger but I might become soon... hehe!)

I'm 20 from the Philippines :) I'm a Leo, and proud to be one.. ahaha! Well, I'm very open to things as long as I have time to do it and share.. By the way, would you mind adding me to your gmai/YM? leyzabellementizagabuat (both YM and gmail) - thanks!

My pages are: - you are found here - you are found here - leyzabelle is the name - leyzabelle

I still have more.. hahahaha! What could be your tips for me in maintaining a blog?? hehe ;)

Thanks Tina!


Romancing Italy said...

Hi Tina, I am so glad I ran across your blog. I've already found answers to several of my burning blogging questions including the tabs on top of the blog and making it a three column format. What a relief it seems so easy. Now, it's just to DO it. Thanks for sharing this wealth of fun and useful information. It shows that you are having a blast.

Romancing Italy said...

I wanted to re-phrase my comment because reading it again it doesn't say what I meant. I am sure sharing what you know is one way of showing you enjoy what you are doing, but what I meant is that your blog echoes your love for what you are doing. It is filled with excitement and it shows.

manvik said...

I am Manzil. I am from Hungary. I love to blog.Especially I try to blog about sites(money making),education and any subject I find interesting. You have a great blog.I am learning a lot from your blog.
The name of my blog is sharing knowledge. URL of my blog is

levy said...

Hi Tina, I frequently visit your blog because of trekpay. My name is Levy, stay at home mom from the Philippines. I am looking for other things to do while taking care of my son, that's why i tried blogging. I also realized it's earning potential. I would like to exchange link with you (if it's okey)?

Here is my site:

Hope to hear from you.

The New Blogger said...

Hi Im Carl.
I found your blog through trek pay.
It is so nice to have a fairy blogger around. It`s like commenting on a fairy tale. I`m looking forward more of your cool stuffs.
Visit me at:

Muklis said...

Hi Tina I'm always read your blog each day in trekpay, y'rs is faster to grow, vary actractive its realy, n " apologize about my english n I hope u'r understand what I mind, many thanks to u n have a nice day

Char said...

Hi Tina,

I am not sure if you realize how inspiring your blog is and how it affects others. I have one blog, but will be starting another really soon. I look forward to using many of your ideas. I just want to say a whole hearted thank you.

tututina said...

Hi Everyone!
I have written to all of you on your blogs or email and I am so glad you have let me get to know you a bit more. Thank you for all your wonderfully nice comments. Keep on commenting on future posts, I'd love to keep hearing from you. You guys are the best! :)

bambie said...

hi again tina! thanks for dropping by my blog and complimenting it. really appreciate it! :) hope i can make wish on my fairy blog mother soon!

workingpinoys said...

Hi tina,

Thank you for this opportunity to let us introduce ourselves to you.

I also would like to thank trekpay because it was because of them that I became aware of your blog. I've applied one of your background designs to my blog.

It really looks cute with that on. In fact, I became more inspired to write more articles in this blog.

Meanwhile, for my blog
that's where I wrote my entry for the contest I joined. I too didn't win, but that's okay.

I hope you will visit my blogs and drop by a comment, too.

Thank you again and more power to you blog.

aussiegold said...

G'Day Tina!
My name is Phil, but online I am aussiegold. Yes, that does mean I am an Aussie:-) I visit your blog often via TrekPay.

I started my blog a few months ago, to share my success with passive income programs. Basically, I am a lazy marketer, and find blogging an easy way to get the word out. Am on P1 on Google for some of my posts, without having to do any SEO! Gotta love Blogger:-)

Wishing you every success in your're doing a great job! One tip though. I have noticed your page is getting quite "heavy", and consequently slower to load. I am sure with your consummate skills you will find a way around that!

Stay blessed,

Muklis said...

Hi Tina, I hope ur day is full love, thanks a lot for ur coming in my blog have a nice day Tina

carl said...

hi tina , I wonder how were you able to place the codes on your blog i would also like to place a widget code of my own so others can copy.
pls. advice . CARL

Burt Family said...

Just happened to stumble upon your blog, but I'm going to bookmark it so I can read more of your tips when I have time. Right now I have a crying 3 month old baby that needs my attention. Feel free to wonder over to my blog.

yanjiaren said...

am just another failure ..well that is what my Family think of me ..that's all lol.


Hi Tina,

My blogging continuing from pst 8 months and having 1000 hits per day.Please visit my blog and add your valuable inputs.

Blog Address
Thanks and Regards

carl said...

Hi Tina,
thanks for responding on my site.
here`s my e mail

agus mahrus said...

hi tina , I wonder how were you able to place the codes on your blog i would also like to place a widget code of my own so others can copy.
pls. advice .agus

Sue Mchale said...


My names sue from the UK.
I would love one of your backgrounds for my website rather than a blog.
The colours and styles are great.
Any chance of reproducing any of them into web templates?

tututina said...

Hi Everyone! Thanks to all who have taken the time to write a letter back to me! If you havn't heard back from me yet, I am still working on responding :) . In reading your letters, a few of you have asked me some questions:

Sue asked if I could make any of my backgrounds for blogs into a template for a website. Great question! I can't say I've ever thought about making a website template, but I can definately look into it. In fact, I think it should be easy to add html code to apply a background hosted on the web for a website template. Stay tuned for that one!

Carl and Agus both wanted to know how to put an html text box or widget box on their blogs so others can grab code. I can't put html tags in this comment section (blogger won't allow it), so please send me an email if you'd like to learn how and I can send it to you!

Yanjiaren- You are not a failure! Everyone in this life is born with purpose. Sometimes when other people don't believe in us or say hurtful things to us we can start to believe them. But we need to remember that there is hope in the future. What may have seemed like past failures can be turned into future successes. Stay positive :)

Thanks for reading this everyone and I always appreciate your comments!

tututina said...

Sree- I have visited your blogs and for some reason they won't allow me to comment on them. I certainly remember you from all my giveaways! In fact, you were a big winner on one of them! For your blogs, you might consider having an email link or some kind of contact button- so people can easily chat with you! Who knows, it may earn you even more money!

meri said...

Hi.. i found you're blog thru blog hopping..

Hope we can be friends..
Im meri & im just new in the blogosphere, just started last month.. here's my site:
my entries there were all like a self journal but feel free to read & comment..

okie.. i'll check out some of your stuffs here & hope i'll learn some..

sparkles said...

hello tina! im a trekpay surfer and that is where i found your blog, doing good ne? Im a newbie in blogging and i currently have 3. my first is personal http://spakliecandy.blogspot
while the other one is about money making online which is my current fascination! (or maybe obsession??)

i wann change my personal blogs layout, can you make oner with a cat on it? im a cat worshipper lols!

i love your fast loading blog, so i will follow you :)

hope for the best, more power!

chien/spakliecandy :)

aynzan said...

Your blog is so beautiful..It has got all that special flavour that spices up everything nice....

Cheers and greetings!


Hi Tina, I was OFF for quite some time, sorry for late response.I will add your inputs in my blog..

with Warm regards

Inspirational Life Quotes said...

Hi. I'm Chin chin. I used your tips here to make my personal family blog ( I also used your tip on how to put a Grab my Button in this blog ( Thanks so much!

Robin said...

hey nice blog...gonna follow you regularly now...

Robin said...

Hello tina! im a trekpay surfer too and that is where I found your blog also. :-)

xguru said...

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