Saturday, September 19, 2009

Saturday Salute

Hi Everyone! Thank you to all who have left me a comment on my last letter. I've responded to each one of you, either by email, your blogs, or by leaving you a special comment on my comments page. Check them out!

In other news, the autumn season is upon us! Stay tuned for some chilly breezes and warm fall coloured autumn inspired FREE blogger backgrounds coming your way (now that is a mouthful to say!) As well, some of you lovely readers have made suggestions on some of the kinds of backgrounds you wished to have. So I will try and find time to create a custom version just for you!

Thanks for reading this and I always appreciate your comments!


Char said...

You are absolutely awesome!!!!!!!!

redamethyst said...

hello tina, nice updates there. as for backgrounds, I would like to suggest a red background. :D :D am I being selfish. I have this red background on my page but i realized that someone is already using the same template. I would love to use your background. just in case. :D :D

Muklis said...

Hi Tina, I'm waitng for your biground theme with a strong character for, thanks a lot for your attention, I'm very apriciate, have a good day for you Tina, nice to see u at tututina blog

tututina said...

Hi all~
I hope someday I'll get to post the backgrounds of your dreams! Keep checking back, maybe the next one will be for you!

Blog Profits Pinoy said...

I'm very very much fascinated with your blog tina. Hehe Can I call you idol? hehe. What could be your very only inspiration?